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International High School Mountain Bikers

FXCC campers and counselors on the trail.

FXCC campers and counselors on the trail.

Check out this heart warming story about a boys' high school mountain bike team whose members were all born overseas. These boys have very few advantages, but have built their own bikes and are learning to ride, race and have fun as part of a team. 

Check out the film "Screenagers"

Have you seen the new film, Screenagers? It was produced by two local moms, and takes on the proliferation of screens in our children's lives, which has happened so quickly, many of us parents have been uncertain how to handle it. The film is thought provoking and good for parents and kids alike. Among the suggestions in the film is to start a weekly "Tech Talk Tuesday,"  to talk about screen usage as a family every Tuesday at dinner. Parents are also encouraged to self reflect and honestly share their own struggles with screen usage. Anything that gets kids and parents thinking and talking together more is a good thing! Check the schedule here

Last summer, JJ coined the term, "XBox Detox" to sum up part of what we do at camp. Phones are in pockets at camp, and our campers are on their bikes, playing games, and otherwise spending time face to face with nature and others. Consider giving your child the gift of a week of good old fashioned summer fun at Fairfax Cycling Camp - it's good for body, mind and heart!

Check Out Our Awesome New Video

We feel fortunate and proud to be able to work with some great people. Among them, is Satchel Cronk. Satchel has been a counselor and adult leader who agreed to share his photography skills with us - you may remember seeing him and his photo gear?

In addition to the fabulous still shots you see on our site (including the one on the right) and Instagram account, Satchel has created the above video. We think he captured the story of a day at Fairfax Cycling Camp with skill, finesse and beauty. Can you spot yourself? Check it out and be sure to share with your friends.

Thanks, Satchel! If you want to follow Satchel on Instagram to see his other photos and videos, click here

If watching this video makes you yearn for hot summer days on the bike, you're in luck! Summer camp registration is now open, so grab your spot while we've still got 'em.

See you on the trails!

Bike - the amazing world of cyclists...

Just came across this hilarious film made in Utrecht, The Netherlands, which you and your child might enjoy watching together. 

Utrecht was the "grand depart" city in this year's Tour de France, and this film shows the streets bustling and burgeoning with everyday folks using their bikes to get around town.

It is a must see for bike lovers, and gives a great example of how much better our bike infrastructure could be here in the Bay Area!

Disclaimer: there are very few helmets (and little spandex) in this film. In some parts of the world, cycling is as safe as walking, and used primarily for transportation. 

Tips for Biking Safely with Your Child

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Heading out for a fun day of camp!

Heading out for a fun day of camp!

From cargo bikes laden with young children, to parents and kids on their own bikes, the popularity of biking is growing in Marin and nationwide. This is something to  celebrate! The health benefits of biking are numerous, and consuming less gas gives the earth a little extra breathing room. As cyclists and owners of Fairfax Cycling Camp, we are happy to share some tips and resources to help you bike more safely with your child. We teach our campers these skills every week during our summer mountain bike camp. 

Helmets, Helmets, Helmets!

Helmets are required by law for all children under 16 in California. Helmets protect your child’s developing brain from trauma which could come from even a seemingly small bump.

Just like on an airplane when you are told to secure your own oxygen mask prior to helping another, make sure your helmet is on properly before biking with your child. This does two things; first, you are protecting your brain and doing your best to make sure you’ll be around to take care of your child in the event of an accident; second, you are modeling appropriate behavior for your child. Research consistently shows that children learn by watching what the adults around them are doing. You are setting an example for your child, one that you hope they will follow long after they’ve begun riding on their own.

Please, wear your helmet, and make sure your child does too. 

Check out our blog to see a great photo showing how to properly fit a helmet. Also, watch this fun video with your child, brought to you by the Province of Manitoba.

General Tips

Talk with your child about the rules of the road before you ride, and make sure they stop at all stop signs looking both ways, staying on the right side of the road.
When riding with your little one, have them ride in front of you. That way, you can keep an eye on them to see how they are riding and what they need help with. 
Scan ahead and look for obstacles asking your child, “Ok, what do you see?” Or, “Do you see that there is a driver in that parked car?” 
Avoid “the door zone” by leaving enough room between you and any parked car, as the door may swing open without warning. 
Pick a line. Safe cyclists pick a relatively straight line and try to stick to it. This makes the rider more predictable for cars and other cyclists.
Get that bike tuned up! Kids have been known to crash due to their bike not being properly maintained. Bikes have lots of moving parts which need regular maintenance!
Check out Marin County Bike Coalition’s Safe Routes to Schools Program for more information on biking safely with your child/ren!

Weekend, Summer & President's Week Rides Open for Registration

We are again offering weekend rides, which are calendared through April on our Kids' Weekend Rides Page. Read more about it there, and register online.

We also have our Summer Mountain Bike Camp dates and registration form now up and running. Check it out and enjoy our early bird special now through April 15. All campers receive a t-shirt with registration.

We are assembling our team for mountain bike camp in Fairfax, and are excited to have many returning staff, and some new folks we are excited for you to meet. Stay tuned!!