How to make the roads safer for bikes

Fairfax Festival Parade 2015

Fairfax Festival Parade 2015

If you're like us, and ride at all on the roads, you've had more than your fair share of close calls with cars who are out to teach you a lesson, or just not paying attention. This is so very scary, and reminds us that, in addition to getting more kids on bikes and getting safer bike lanes built, we need to change the way drivers think about cyclists. 
We came across this blog today, and think it sounds like a great strategy to get drivers on board with driving safely around cyclists. What do you think?

Mythology storytelling festival

Photo by James Cacciatore.

Photo by James Cacciatore.

We are filling up as summer draws nearer, so if you're still on the fence, here are a few things to consider while you're making summer plans. One of the things which sets us apart from other camps, is that we are owned and run by local school teachers. Though we're not about to add a mythology storytelling festival to camp, we thought some of you (who aren't familiar with Manor School) might be interested to see what our owner and founder does for a day job!Here's a link to a great write-up of what goes on in Mr. Brown's class during the school year. 
This got us thinking, maybe we should expand Crazy Outfit Friday to include coming as your favorite figure from mythology? What do you say? Rest assured, our campers get the benefit of the thoughtful attention of educators who plan and run each day, start to finish. And if you haven't seen it yet, check out our video about a day at camp here.

Bike - the amazing world of cyclists...

Just came across this hilarious film made in Utrecht, The Netherlands, which you and your child might enjoy watching together. 

Utrecht was the "grand depart" city in this year's Tour de France, and this film shows the streets bustling and burgeoning with everyday folks using their bikes to get around town.

It is a must see for bike lovers, and gives a great example of how much better our bike infrastructure could be here in the Bay Area!

Disclaimer: there are very few helmets (and little spandex) in this film. In some parts of the world, cycling is as safe as walking, and used primarily for transportation. 

Weekend, Summer & President's Week Rides Open for Registration

We are again offering weekend rides, which are calendared through April on our Kids' Weekend Rides Page. Read more about it there, and register online.

We also have our Summer Mountain Bike Camp dates and registration form now up and running. Check it out and enjoy our early bird special now through April 15. All campers receive a t-shirt with registration.

We are assembling our team for mountain bike camp in Fairfax, and are excited to have many returning staff, and some new folks we are excited for you to meet. Stay tuned!!