Announcing the launch of our Mentorship Program!

A crew of mentors teaching campers.

A crew of mentors teaching campers.

At FXCC, we understand that healthy connections are critical for children (and adults!) to safely learn, grow, and develop self-esteem - this is true in the classroom, and on the bike. This year, all of our Counselors will get more training and guidance via our Mentorship Program. 

When our regular campers reach high school, they are given the opportunity to become counselors, and our community grows bigger and stronger. We select our Counselors because of the innate capacities they have, and enhance those through sharing our years of expertise working with children in a variety of educational, athletic, and therapeutic settings. Because we value our Counselors, we are making a greater commitment to provide them with training which will serve them throughout their academic and vocational careers. 

Graduates of our Mentorship Program gain experience with:  

  • Responsibly caring for groups of children
  • Safety & First Aid  
  • Understanding and managing group dynamics (we teach specific techniques)
  • Social/Emotional Development
  • Building Curriculum
  • Successfully managing a variety of personalities and abilities

We get to know our Counselors pretty well over the course of their participation and happily draft recommendation letters for all participants to use as they enter college and the workforce. Please email us if you have additional questions.