Kudos, Fairfax PD for Catching Bike Thieves!

In a show of sneaky and high quality police work, Fairfax PD has been snagging bike thieves. Thank you, officers! The Marin County Bicycle Coalition's Facebook page reports the following: 

"ALERT: The Fairfax Police Department has received 23 reports of stolen bicycles since January 1. Some are high end bicycles, taken from the downtown area, in which they were locked to bicycle racks or locked on vehicle racks. Others were taken from residential neighborhood homes, driveways, carports or front yards, usually not locked. 

Usually the thefts of high end (locked) bicycles are the work of thieves who are targeting these bicycles for profit. Their thefts are quick and brazen. The lower end bicycles are usually not the work of these more organized thieves, and are not for profit. They are more random and spur of the moment. 

In an effort to catch either type of thief, my officers randomly put out "bait" bicycles (usually worth $1000 or more) in various areas. We then monitor the bicycle (stakeout) in hopes of catching the thief. While labor intensive, we have had success in the past."

To read more, click here to be directed to the Marin County Bike Coalition Facebook page.