How to Properly Select, Fit and Wear a Helmet

A helmet is crucial for anyone riding a bike. Check out this short and fun video from the Canadian Province of Manitoba on why to wear a helmet, and how to fit a helmet properly.  We know Canada is really far away, but these folks did a great job making an easily understandable video for kids and adults! 

A few takeaways:

1)Make sure you have the proper helmet for your sport.

2)The helmet should fit so snugly on your head when unbuckled, that it doesn't move when you shake your head.

3)The helmet should be adjusted so that you have two finger widths of space between your eyebrows and the front of the helmet.

4)The helmet should be snug! Only one finger should fit comfortably under the chin strap (we've also heard two fingers, but it should be much more snug than most riders, including children, wear theirs).

At Fairfax Cycling Camp, we review safety and talk about how to properly wear a helmet at the beginning of each week. In case you can't make it to camp, or you're wondering why your child's helmet fits differently after they've been at camp, check out the video, or read more at Safe riding!