Half-day rides are $60. Mountain Bike Club is $240 for six rides, or $55 each (Club rides are full).

After completing online registration form, you can pay with PayPal (email us), or mail check with camper's name on memo line to:  Fairfax Cycling Camp, P.O. Box 375, Fairfax, CA 94978-0375

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Rider's Name
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Family Rides are $120 for two riders, and $45 each additional rider.
Beginning riders are confident on the road but have little experience on dirt. Intermediate riders are comfortable on any local fire road and some (minimal) single track, and can ride up most hills without stopping. Advanced riders are experienced on Tamarancho, China Camp, or other technical single track. A positive attitude is the most important quality at any level!
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Parent's (or rider's) Phone #
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Parent 2's Phone #
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Emergency Contact Name
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Emergency Contact Phone #
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Physician's Phone Number
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